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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Ugly Duckling Swan

We watched the Classic Disney short
Ugly Duckling.

Watch my instructional video for this lesson here on YouTube. 


Cramer's 5th grad class
Andrea, Sean, Regan, 
Salvador, Justin & Elsa

Mrs. Ahmed's 4th grade class
Justine (?), Jake, Jordin,
Isabel, Martin & Christy

Mrs. Thomas's 4th grade class
Isabel, Justine, Jordin, Jake, JoJo,
Christy, Heaven, Martin, Xavier & Tonie

Reggie D. 4th grade

Mrs. Thomas's 4th grade class
Ellis, Jaslene, Addyson, Daniela,
Alexandra, Sophie, Erik, Zayd (?),
Angel, Saige, Santiago & Julian

Mrs. Duncan's 3rd grade class

Taylor, Ellie, Katelyn & landen

Mrs. Burkes 3rd grade class

Ava, Peyton R., Bryan,
Maddie (?) & Kimberley.,

Leo, Draven,
Meredith & Alex

Mrs. Do's 2nd grade class
Annie, lily, Aiden,
Minghui, Zowie & Samuel

Mr. Ansari's Swans
Natalie, Linsey, Maci,
Jax, NoName, Brielle,
Alyssa, skylar & Angie

Mrs. Beaulieu's Swans
Ashton, Andrea, NoName,
Charlotte, LiH?, Jalynn

Ms. Jamison's Swans
Trinity, Chloe, Justin, Emily,
Maddox, harmony, Aiden C. & Nathan

We practiced drawing swans starting with the number 2. 
THen formed the head and body from this. 
Students added the water lever at half way.
They were encouraged to add pond life to the underwater area. 
We brainstormed and made a list of what could be in a pond environment:
frogs, tadpoles, fish, dragonflies, flies, butterflies, turtles, ducks...

Fold paper in half. This fold is the surface of the water. 
WIth a PENCIL, Draw the swan on the surface of the water. 
Add bottom of swan under the fold (belly and feet). 

Madelynn, 1st grade, is here outlining her drawing with a
permanent marker before coloring and  painting. 
Kenut, 5th grade is coloring the areas he does not want to paint with crayons.

 Color all details (excluding the sky and water) 

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