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Monday, April 10, 2017

Crystal Gem Creations

 Brianna (and Sydnie) Working and Complete

Albin in 5th grade in progress and completed..

Maisy working (4th grade)

Hannah Coloring (5th grade)

Before Beginning this project, I sampled out different types of media. I tried drawing the crystal forms with crayons and oil pastels, then painting inside the drawing using a 
Resist Paint Method. 
 Then, I tired using watercolor pencils and watercolor crayons to draw the crystals, the using the wet brush to fill in the gems using the soluble drawing edge.
(see both below)

After Resist and Water Brush

I personally liked the crayon resist method best. It was the least messy and my students have a grasp on the technique from previous projects. 

Below I am using this method to finalize the projects. 
You can use what suits you. 
I googled imaged "Crystal Gem Clipart Black and White"
 Images in order to help the students draw the geometric forms better on their own. I encourage them to draw bigger and darker with crayons in order to get more color detail when painting and have the wax resist work correctly. 

Example One 
Before Paint with Construction Paper Crayon Drawing

 Example One
After Tempera Water Paints

Example One after cut, glued and added detail

Example Two 
Before Paint, after Drawn with Construction Paper Crayons
Example Two 
After Tempera Water Paints

Example Two
After Dry, cut and glued down to construction paper

Example Two
Drawn in more background crystals with Crayons.

(Option 2)
 Use highligter to emphasize the line of the crystal. 
The thicker the easier it will be to keep the next step clean and neat. 

Then, Using colored pencils in a contrasting color, create value starting on the ends of the crystal. 
It should be darker on the ends and lighter in the center to make it appear as though they are translucent. 

HIghlighter and Colored Pencil
4th grader, Reanna,  from Mrs. Thomas's class 
creating her gems

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