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Monday, January 2, 2017

PopArt Heart


Image above by Mrs. Tabitha Seaton Morgan
From Alba Golden Elementary (4-5)
 Anonymous, Campbell, Ella, 
Sammy, Luier, Sofia, 
Faith, Ramsey & cavern

Joecy, Kailyn, Sawyer, Abby, 
Rowdy, Josilyn, Isaac, Weston, 
Madison , Anonymous, Wesley & Jaylee

Mrs. Clouse's hearts

GiGi, Erin, Allison, Trent,
Melanie, Miya, Valery, Sophia,
Myles, Lauren, Joseph, patch,
Pius, Leo, Anonymous & Anthony

Mrs. Ahmed's hearts 4th grade
Heaven, Martin, Isabel, christy, Xavier,
Adam, Jordin, Caleb, Phoenix,
Justine, JoJo, Reggie, Jake & Anonymous

Mrs. Davidson's 4th grade
Selena, Ria, Kayleigh, chance,
Sara, Jason, Jocelyn, Janiya,
Michael, Anonymous,
Ashton, DaMarlo, Colin & Ayden

Ian, Alexandra, Ellis, Daniela,
Angel, Erik, Zeke, Addyson H.,
Zayd, Julian, Gavin & Jaslene

Mrs. Thomas's 4th grade


Mrs. Meleski's 4th grade class 2018

Hailey P., Charlie, Jamilah, Kelci,
Annie, Angeline, Addison, Alec,
Jason, Angeline, Shelby & Anonymous.

Mrs. Bennett's class 2017-18

Gavin, Zaine, Sunshyne,
Roman, Anna, Sarah,
Kim, Shelby & Samuel.
Below, Mrs. Elijah's 5th grade class
(Evy, Katelynn, Katie W., Katie K. and Antonio)

Image above by Maisy, 4th grade
This project is based on the PopArt of  Burton Morris. He used normal design ideas from everyday life objects and made them into interesting Art Images. His subjects range from popular cars, toys, food & more. 
Here is a picture of him with his art. 
These are my favorite paintings of his.....

 .This lesson idea stems from this art teacher blog...
This is a great YouTube video that explains PopArt to kids...

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