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Monday, January 23, 2017

Chinese Flower Vase

Cherry Blossoms in a Ming vase
by Tabitha Morgan

Mrs. Russell's 3rd grade class

Erin, Katie, Musa, 
Hailey P. , Maddie, Sophia, 
Shelby, Hailey, Trent

Mrs. May's 3rd grade class

Mrs. Celestine's 3rd graders
Addison, Tonie & Jullissa

What is a Ming vase?
The Ming Dynasty ruled China from 1368 to 1644. Under the Dynasty's protection or care, during the first half of the 15th century, that technological and design advances brought milky white and cobalt-blue porcelain to perfection.
What is the name of the blue and white china?

"Blue and white wares" (Chinese: 青花; pinyin: qīng-huā; literally: "Blue flowers") designate white pottery and porcelain decorated under the glaze with a bluepigment, generally cobalt oxide.
Draw and Design Ming Vase-

1. Draw a SYMMETRICAL vase.
Fold white paper in half. With fold to right, draw the left half of the vase shape that you want. Outline the pencil line with black marker. Trace while folded at a light box or window onto the blank right side of paper.
Now, fill in your vase shape with designs that mimic the Chinese culture:
Dragons, Bird, Flowers (specifically cherry blossoms), Landscape, Fish, Architecture, Patterns, Designs... much more.

To get design ideas and images for the Ming Vases, look here


2. Lightly draw your design onto your vase shape with a pencil.

Outline your design with a black marker to add EMPHASIS.

Color Scheme- Monochromatic/Tints and Shades of Blue.
Using a variety of blues in a variety of mediums, color your design leaving the background white. 
Adding FORM with shading, using a pencil and blend stump. 
Use pencil to shade around the inside left, right and bottom of the vase. 
Use the paper blend stump to smooth out the pencil shading. 

Fold white paper (twice the size as vase) in half. Draw a black line with sharpie. 
Make a design using only warm colors on one side. 
Make a design using only cool colors on the other side. 
Buy this poster here! 

Using tempera cakes (love these!)

Let Dry...

Glue Ming Vase onto paper. It does not matter if warm or cool is at top. 
Use your artistic judgement. 

Draw branches with a black crayon coming out of the vase. 


Use two circles of white tissue paper stacked on top of each other for white petals. 
Glue down center to a branch. Glue will seep through when held down for 5 seconds.
crumble up a pink or red small piece of tissue. Glue to center of white petals. Hold for 5 seconds. Use red marker to add small dots around the white petals. 



Three Dimensional Version

Found this inspiration from Cassie Stephens blog... see here.

Or see a different type of pottery lesson here on my blog...


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