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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Sea Turtle

 (Above: Teacher and Kindergartner)

Mrs. Garcia's 4th grade class
Brianna, anonymous, Caiden, 
Jacob, Austyn & Kayleigh


Mrs. Meleski's 4th grade Turtles
Casey, kandyce, 
Paola & Kia

Mrs. Parker's Turtles
Faith, Talyn, Sam, Gregory,
Ashlynn, Leanne, Ava & izzy. 

Armando, nick & Aless 

Mrs. Clanton's 4th grade turtles
Inshaal, Skyler & Jasmine
Mrs. Elijah's 5th grade Turtles
Daniel, Katie k. , Aniyah, Madison & lane

Mrs. Polly's 3rd grade
 Reggie, Addyson, Joseph, Alexis, 
Reighlyn, no name, Martin & Christopher
Patch & Allison
Mrs. McMillian's 2nd grade homeroom
Peyton, Paula, Jalynn, 
Nicholas, James & Kaylee

Mrs. Craig's 2nd grade class

The sea will use a crayon or oil pastel resist method. Using only blues and whites, draw in ripples at the surface (farthest), bubbles in the middle and plant life at floor (closest). 
*Having layers of depth will give the ocean perspective. 
(Alternative oil pastels) 

Water paint the sea. Make sure not to over saturate your brush with paint or the crayon will not resist color. Use more water. 
(Above my crayon resist)
(Above owe oil pastel resist)
Let dry...

With light pencil, draw turtle onto paper...
Start with basic shapes. 
Take it a step further by adding stylized shapes and details...

Outline with black marker to emphasize defining shape, important lines & details. 

Use markers and crayons to add details and color to turtle and shell. 
Cut out turtles...

Finishing up. 
Glue turtle onto your sea paper. You are done. 
I added a little emphasis with darker crayons in order to make the weak areas stronger. 

Hope you had fun!!

Alternative Turtle (clean and easy)

Turtles Above from
Mrs. Do's 2nd grade homeroom
Turtles above from
Mrs. Jamison's 2nd grade homeroom
Emma and Kaden

Draw the sea floor on colored construction paper using markers, colored pencils, or crayons.
Use circles to make bubbles. Make a white reflection line on the bubbles at the top.

 Make your sea turtle (same as other version)
 This shows the colors I used to make my 2 parts. 
I tried to stay monochromatic, using different versions of the same color on the papers. 
Reds, Pinks, Burgundy, white.
Green, Yellow Green, Sea foam green and white. 

I decided to make my 1 turtle appear as 2 different turtles coming form two places. 

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