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Monday, August 29, 2016

Succulent Sunset

Mrs. Russell's class
Hailey, Maddie, Musa, (Horizontal)
 Trent and NoName (Vertical)

Mrs. Polichnai's class
Reggie, Addyson and Brendon
Polichnai's class (below)
No Name, Alexis,
 Carter, Allison & Arturo

Mrs. Matthai's 3rd grade 
Malachi, Patrick, Adysen & Sophie G. 
Mrs. McMillian's 2nd grade
Landon C.,
Alex, Victoria, Paula & Peyton
Mrs. Do's 2nd grade class
Lucas, Heidi, Katelyn &Andrea 
Learning about succulets

Draw in 3-D pot forms lightly with pencil. 

Draw in plant forms lightly with pencil.

Draw in pot designs using contour lines with pencil lightly. 

Outline with permanent black marker. 

Color hard with crayons (non-was able)

I add dark colors first on bottom of plant forms... 

Then add in lighter greens at top. 

Color in pots. Be creative. 

Add in soft blue shadow beneath lots with blue crayon. 

Use watercolor to dot in top of sunset. 

Use warm colors to dot in sun spot on sunset. 

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