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Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Mrs. Ahmed's 4th grade Class (above)
Andrea, Erica, no name and Dona
Mrs. garcia's 4th grade (above)
Kayleigh and Austyn

Mrs. Thomas's 4th grade
Mrs. Thomas's class
Michelle, Rachel, Thomas, Adrian, 
Maisy, Stacey, Caden & Kolby

Mrs. Rylander's 4th grade
Michael, Elloise, 
Hailey & Kayla
Mrs. Meleski's 4th grade
Oil Pastel with Tempera Watercolor
Christian, Abby & Paola
Anonymous#1, Kenut & Anonymous #2
First students will practice with drawing the shapes and details of the Alpaca's face.
When they are comfortable, we will move to the final paper.

Face can be drawn in upper half of paper to show off the long neck.

Start lightly with a pencil (always)
Then when it looks how you like it, go over with marker or make lines darker.

Students will color alpaca using oil pastels or crayons. They need to use at least three colors blended on the entire alpaca. 

I will show them three ideas from these sources...
I'm So Happy You Came 
by Jeff Seaberg
Watching over the Flock 
by Pat Saunders White
Alpaca Love
by Eli Halpin
The edges need to be colored the hardest (for later resist purposes).
Students will be encouraged to color Alpaca in unnatural colors.
  (Above crayons, below oil pastels)
Mix, blend, mix, blend...
Texture, scribble, texture, scribble...

Mrs. Meleski's class
The Red table

The background will be painted in colors or patterns that will help EPHASIZE the alpaca face.
Horizontal design in contrast to the vertical body or colors opposing the color wheel.
Color Sticks on Brown Paper


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  1. We are taking a field trip to a working alpaca ranch. This will be a fun art project when we get back!