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Friday, December 11, 2015

Windmill on a Hill

Mrs. Blankenship's 5th grade 2016
Pablo, Aimee, Lisa, 
Cheyanne, Abby & Angela
Noah, Madison, 
Alise & Andrew. 

A little bit above the center, make a strong dark dot with a small circle around it. 

With the brass ring on the dot, make a a circle at with the first available hole. 
 This will be where the blades begin. 

With the brass ring on the dot, make another larger circle at 4 mm. This is how far the windmill blades will go out. 

How do windmills work??

Interesting video about older water windmills
Check out this video on YouTube:


This is a very nice and peaceful video to play with music and windmills while students are working on their pictures. It is more visual and inspirational rather than educational. 

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