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Monday, December 7, 2015

Liberty Lights

Lady Liberty Lights

Mrs. Filips's 2nd grade 
Jacob, Zaina, Diego,
Ilana, john, Alexandria,
Lizette, NoName & Daniel

Mrs. Celestine's 3rd grade class
Breylon, gabby, Blayne,
Gabrielle, Hunter & Gemma

4th grade Mrs. Burkes class

 Hannah P. & kimberly
 Hazel, caseyanna,
Meredith, Peyton,
Bryan, Ava & Alex

Mrs. Hall's 4th grade class
No Name, Adriana, 
Connor & Aniyah
Jelly, Jekovia,
No Name & Samantha
Mrs. Burke's 3rd grade
Ashley, Colten,
Kimberley & Cayden
Mrs. Russel's 3rd grade class
Brianna & Christalynn
No name #1 & Kenut
No name #2 &  Bryan & Kai
Mrs. Celestine's 3rd grade class
Hailey, David, Charles & Makayla
Jasmine, Joey & Regan
Mrs. Matthai's 3rd grade
Andre, Isaac & Tam
Bryce, Cheylah & Adonis
Mrs. May's 3rd grade class

Kayla, may May, Adalene
Robbie, Lucian & Skyler
Mrs. Ploichnai's 3rd grade class
Sophia & Andrea
Studying Lady LIberty

A book abou the Story of the Statue of Liberty
Educational Fun Facts
Teaching From A Student Perspective
Creating Our Lady
Using Green Construction paper
Black, White & Green crayons
I followed the step by step below from

Optional; just the face. 

I used the first one of the entire body, then used the second one to get the details on the face clearer & then looked at thecrealmlifecstatuevimade to form the fold likes in the fabric. 

I outlined the drawing in black market then added the highlights with white crayon & shadows with green. 
For the absolute darkest parts I did use some black crayon. 
Drawing Lady LIberty
A closer look at the face
Adding the Lights

Using Black Construction Paper
and Construction Paper Crayons
Fireworks Display Videos

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