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Monday, November 16, 2015

Sleeping Shadow Fox

Mrs. Maddox's 5th grade (Tuesday class)

How to create it; 
Glue sky paper down on top of white big paper. Only glue edges. Decorate top with winter details. 
Drawing the fox. 
Or other style
Making the cast shadow....
Staple corner of fox to a blue paper (blue should be the same size and underneath)
Cut out fox from orange and blue simultaneously. 

Laying down the cast shadow...
Glue shadow down up side flipped over, like a mirror image. Ears should be listed
Painting same way, but fox flipped. 
Laying down fox. 
Glue fox down slightly overlapping shadow by 1/4 inch. 
I added paw prints leading from horizon to fox. They should get bigger as they get closer (perspective law). 

Quicker version;

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