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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Warm Leaf on Cool Water

Alba-GOlden Elementary 2018
Mrs. Gaines 2nd grade class
Bella, Lilly, Kaylee, chase, 
Adam, Joline, Landri, Carson, 
Jaylyn, Luciyan , Lilly r. & Mia 

Mrs. Parrish's 2nd grade class
Rusty, Ethan, Madison, 
Addy, Aiden, Bradyn, 
Dorthy, Ava & Maddy 

Mrs. Nivison's 2nd grade class-
Maddy, Katelyn, Eli, Adaya, 
Rylee, Allyie, Hannah, Kelton,
 Evan and khloe 

Mrs. Goforth's 2nd grade Class- 

Faith, Kyler, Abigail, Destiny,

Leo, Jocee, NoName, Maggie, 
Corbin & Nicole

From Krahn Elementary, KLEIN ISD
Mrs. Jamison's 2nd grade
Martin, Sara, Daniela, 
Trent, Laila & Aayan
Mrs. Russell's 3rd grade
Kenut, Kai & Jayden
Brianna, Maci, Christalynn, 
Channing, Anonymous Artist 1 & 2
Mrs. McMillian's 2nd grade

Lauren, Christopher & Addison
Mrs. White's 2nd grade
Mystery girl, Desmon, Hailey...
Sarah, Kayla, Emma & Mystery Artist. 
1st grade Autumn Leaves 
Mrs. McGinley's class
Meredith, Alyssa, 
Ava, Joseph, 
Chau & GiGi
Mrs. Johnson
Kaylee & Ashton
Trustin, Alexis, Andrea & AnnaBelle
1st grade Autumn Leaves
Baxton, Mark, Luke...
Payton, Peyton, Gabriella, Kaden
Landon, Hazel, Jessalyn & Kais. 
2nd grade Autumn Leaves
Mrs. Craig
Sophia, Malachi, Kelci & Janiya

This is a simple low maintenance project for Fall. 
Students will learn about cool and warm colors, shape, line, concentric circles, and will be using cutting and pasting skills, 

1. Draw a leaf large on white paper with pencil
2. Use warm colored markers to add patches of color inside shape.
3. Outline leaf with black marker. 
4. Cut along black line. 

5. Using cool colored markers, make a dot and draw circles around the dot that keep going on. 
Repeat all over page. Fill up all space. 
6. Glue warm leaf onto cool rippled water. 
7. Optional. Add a shadow around leaf with black or blue crayon.
Variation of assignment

1. Use a cool construction paper color with cool crayons + black & white. 

Construction paper crayons could work well, but I used regular too.

2. Begin drawing concentric circles with a cool crayon...,

Mrs. Craig's students working hard... 

3. Fill in spaces with more cool colors. Draw more concentric circles on other open parts of paper. 
Stop when you hit another concentric circle. 
4. Draw leaf step by step on warm colored paper. 
5.Use warm colors in patchy scribble boxes all over leaf. Fill it up!

HINT: If the first leaf proves too difficult for some, I did have kids turn the paper over on draw two simpler & smaller shaped leaves.
 (See Below)
Then they choose which side they like better & outline/color those. 
Stripes, dots, scribbles, pattern, design...
Whatever floats your leaf 😉

Psssst! It's ok to get out of lines with your scribbles... We will cut it out next.
6. After done filling with color,
CUT IT OUT carefully! 

1. No running with scissors
2. No pointing scissors at people.
3. Always hold tip down
4. Close when done.
5. Cut away from you instead of towards you.
6. ONly cut paper, not hair, clothes, friend's hair or friend's clothes.

7. Glue it down... Remember, Just a dot, not a lot.
use the dots of glue around the edges so its not flopping around.
8. Shade with dark blue around edges to imply shadow on water under the leaf. 

Reference Images
Ripples are a great example of concentric circles and cool colors!

I like the shadow cast under the leaf. 

Beautiful contrast of cool water and warm leaf. 

Easy 1 day lesson
Complimentary color leafs
4. Get out the 6 rainbow colors;
Red, orange, yellow, 
Green, blue, violet. 
Color the 3 leaves in rainbow order; 
Red, orange, yellow....
Then the backgrounds in the next 3 colors...
Green, blue, violet!

Quicker Kinder lesson
Mrs. Zarrlla's class
Jacob, ?, Samuel, 
Natalie, Aidan & Skylar

Jade, Mrs. Fortner's class

Sites of Inspiration
This site has GREAT step by step leaf drawing for younger artists. 
This site inspired the ripple idea behind the leaves. 

Videos about the Fall Season
Why do Trees SHed thier Leaves?

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