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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Desert Sky- Worm's Eye View

Students will be creating a deserts ape from A different perspective. 
Perspective- the point from where a viewer sees something (from below, up high, or standing/sitting position). In a drawing, the artist can change what the viewer sees by changing the horizon line or vanishing pint's location. 
Image above by LostSock

We will be showing a Worm's Eye View.

Image above from


Image above from

Image above from Lost Sock

5th grade Mes. Maddox 

Haley, Hailey & Avani

1. Using a pencil, lightly draw a dot in center of page with lines crossing through... Kinda like your slicing up a pizza with your pencil. Using a ruler straight through will make this easier.

Mrs. Morgan says,
"Draw light til' you know it's right,
then go darker or use marker".
It's hard to erase when you draw hard!
Get this poster and many others here on my TPT page...
Put this in your brain; the center dot is the vanishing point. It is the center point where all things are furthest from the viewers eye. So, when drawing this picture, clouds and cactus I will be largest and closest on edges of the paper and get smaller as they go to center point. 

2. With light pencil, Use diverging lines to draw the sides of the cactus. Use diverging lines to draw inside lines of cactus and arms. Make clouds get smaller as they get closer to center. 

3. Continue cactii from edges of paper pointing to center. Continue bigger clouds at edges getting smaller towards center. Outline with permanent marker.

4. With Crayola markers, color cactus leaving areas of paper peeking through...

Dotting technique with Crayola markers..
After water brush...
Hatching technique- with Crayola marker

After water brush added...

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