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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Artsy Armadillo

Armadillos are very interesting creatures. Since we are lucky enough to have them live in Texas among us, we are going to study and draw them in our class. 

Doing a little research...
SanDiego Zoo Armadillo Facts

Disney Fun Clip on Armadillos


Practice makes Perfect

Mrs. Johnson's 1st grade

Kinder Art practiced lightly drawing their armadillos step by step using the instructions below.

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After pencil, students worked on emphasizing light pencil lines with dark mArker outline.

Make it darker with Marker
We used blending techniques to make a Texas Wildflower, the Purple Cone Flower.
This is tempera cakes and water
More blending techniques using black and brown for armadillo shell.
1st grade artist, Maddy.

Maddy's Final Painting
Teacher's Final Painting.
Another option of "painting" is to begin filling in the paper with patchy areas of marker.
Fill it up entirely. Then use a wet brush to smear the ink together. I start at the top and work my way down. Let it dry. 
 Come back with marker and emphasize the areas around the armadillo  and flowers that blend in to much with background.
See more  about this technique here...

Construction Paper Armadillo-
Using construction paper crayons. 

Mrs. Zarella's K-Art


Max, kinderArt in Mrs. Ayers' class

Mrs. Groth/Simbles' 1st grade class

Ellie, Anonymous, Jamie, Peyton
Payton, Gabriella, Luke & Kaden
Mrs. McGinley's 1st grade

Chau, Meagan, Gage & Alyssa
Mrs. Johnson's 1st grade

Ashton, Heidi, Cris & Jackson

Samuel, Tori, Katie, Melik & Bryan
Mrs. Kolon's kinder class

Kylie, Angie, Aiden, 
Maci, Justin & Zaina

Molly, Scarlette & Lucas

Ciara, anonymous, 
Caleb, Katelyn & Maddison
Mrs. BAylor's kinder class

Kana, Dustin, Tre & Chloe

-Add contrast with the neutral crayons. Use white to add highlights and darker neutrals to add shadows. 
Contrast: dark darks with light lights. 

-Add texture and pattern to empty spots. 

1st grade-
Cool Armadillo

Mrs. Burke's Class
Rainbow Dillo
How to Draw an Armadillo in 8 steps
Two steps with "taco" shells...
Details and tails

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