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Monday, May 4, 2015

Lion face

LeRoy Neiman's lion

Mr. Neiman has a series of big cats that uses very exciting, bold and abstract colors.
We are using his pictures to draw a lion's face using basic shapes and lines.
We are then using exciting, bold and abstract colors to use lines that radiate away from the face to the outer edges of the paper.

Mrs. Venable's first grade lions
Logan, Colt, Piper, 
Kynlee,Lexi & Lilly. 

Mrs. Walker's first graders
Harper, Anonymous, 
Avery, Levi, Kylar, 
NoName & Lillie


The exapmles above are created by Olivia (9), Madelynn (3),
Maisy (8) and me (age secret)

Mrs. Penn's kinder class 2016

Mrs. Jihnson's 2nd grade class
Zarella's kinder class
Scarlett, Victoria, Maddison,
Anonymous, Kaden & unidentifiable 
Mrs. Simbles's 1st grade
Thomas, Hayden, Ashton, 
Jett, Sophia & Callie 
Mrs. Jamison's 2nd grade
Michelle, Michael, NoName, 
Abby, Zoey & Sebastian L. 
David, NoName, Kelton,
Coleman, Ryleigh & Haley 
Mrs. Dickinson's 3rd grade
No name, Paris, Alyssa, Megan, Cadence & Ava 
Nick, Megan F., Abby (Orange), Shyann & Elijah
Begin the Face

Using basic lines and shapes.
1. Draw a black heart in the middle of the paper
2. Draw 2 lines going up from the heart
3. Draw 2 ovals, circles or football shapes going out from the top of the lines
4. Draw 2 small black dots in the eyes
5. Draw 2 line above the eyes for brow
6. Draw 2 curved lines coming out from the bottom of the heart
7. Use a white to draw a hard dot in the eye.  (this is a reflection)
8. In the eye use orange, yellow or green construction paper crayons to make the lion's eye colored.
BLending looks good
9. Add white whiskers, lip and chin hair to make the lion's face texture.

10. Begin using the bright and exiting colors on the mane around the face. Do not get the mane in the face. Keep the lines going from center point and out to the corners (like clock hands).

Ages 3, 8 & 9 (above)

This lesson could be done from kinder to 4th.
I kept the range from pre-k to 4th grade at home and all remained interested and understood.


Mrs. Hanson's Lions 
Aliah, Simon, 
Hazir, Brantley, 
Emma & Andrew

Mrs. Browning's Lions 
McKenzie, Gus, 
Addison, Kynslee, 
Paisley & Eden

Gilbreath's Lions
Hogan, Johnny, Madison, 
Matt, Bradley & no name. 

Clarke's Lions Kindergarten
Hogan, Johnny, Madison, 
Matt, Bradley & no name. 

Jordan from Penn's Kindergarten

 Lily (McGinley), Hazel, Ava,Marvin,
Jack H.,Taylor S., Lily (White), Elizabeth
1st grade

 Anonymous 1st grader in Mrs. McGinley

 Shelby and Anonymous

Frankie, Shaheer,
Romina, Cason, Sophia,
Ryleigh & Max

Owen and Maddison
(kinder_ Mrs. Penn's kinder class
 Simrah, Jordan, Tristen,
 Nate, William &...
 Mrs. Baylor' kinder class
Kimber, Isabel,
Brooklyn & Eli
Mrs. Warren's 1st grade class
Nicole, Landon,
Austin & Vincent

Trey in Mrs. Hudeck's 1st grade class
Avery, trey, Marek (vertical),
Phinley, Maddox,
Camila, Serenity & Greyson (vertical)

Painting the LIon

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