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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Peace Boquet

Pablo Picasso
What an amazing yet simple picture.
I love how even the most famous artist of modern art uses the simplest shapes and colors to communicate an idea of peace. His lines are not perfect (even a little messy) & his flowers are not realistic (a little naïve even).
Picasso created lots of simple line drawings to remind us of peace with just POPS of color on the flowers to add emphasis. I want to used this simple idea for my students to show peace and love this week.
This week happens to be PeaceWeek at our school and the weekend following is Valentines day!
Even when Picasso was "old", he still painted and acted like a little kid.
He was full of energy and life.
He mastered art at a very young age... so the older he got, he liked to experiment and invent new ideas in the art world. His studio was his playground.
Teacher Example
2 Different Versions
(Simple & Advanced)

 Below are examples of some of the pictures created by students at Krahn Elementary in 2015.

Mrs. Johnsons 2nd grade class

Hands working...

Step by step instructions

1. Advanced Hand Holding Flowers...
Mrs. Seaton (me) showing you how to draw a hand wrapped around the bouquet...

2. Simpler Version done by Tracing Student's Hand and using overlapping on top of thumb.

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