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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Jelly Fish

Mrs. Markawitz's 4th grade
Tray (above)
London, Cheyanne, Andrea, Sevan & jimmy (above)
Mrs. McMillian's 4th grade
Kadin, Ava, Kenny & Katalina
Mrs. Maddox's 5th grade
Hanna & Morgan
(Above in black)
Gianni & Braden
 (above in purple)
Mrs. Do's 4th grade class
Alyssa & Nikky (above)
Danyel, Haley, Joshua, Abby & Samantha 
Mrs. kearly's 5th grade Jellies

Rachel, Sarah, Kyli, Tiffany & Kallie
Cool thing is, our past assignment was hot air balloons that taught the students how to use contour lines on a ballooned form. The jellyfish are a perfect match for continuing the learning into a new subject. 
Jellyfish are fascinating creatures!!! 


Construction Paper Crayons on 
Colored Paper...

Colored Pastel Chalk with Coffee Filter
Advanced multi medium

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