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Monday, November 3, 2014

Night Owls for Fall

I always like to have extra sources for creativity. 


Mrs. Kolon's kinder art class
Mrs. Fortner's kinder art

Mrs. Ayers' kinder art

Mrs. Zarrlla's kinder art
Mrs. Penn's kinder art


Step by Step
Easy & Advanced

Mrs. Zarella's 2014 Monday kinderArt class
Practicing owls (above)

After practice, give kids choices of dark construction paper. I let them use construction paper crayons (or possible oil pastels for older kids). 

1. Start with basic steps lightly
2. Get shapes and size right
3. Draw in details darker
4. Create a night atmosphere for background. 
5. Use colors that emphasize the owl and contrast from background paper color. 


Maisy in the middle of her artwork...
Finished piece by Maisy, 2nd grade

Mrs. Kearly's 5th grade owls

Teacher example above by
Tabitha Seaton

Source of Inspiration


  1. Hi there! I just 'discovered' your blog via a post I saw on Pinterest and I am thrilled with your beautiful ideas! Just a quickie: what are 'construction paper crayons'? Are they different from 'regular' wax crayons? I am not in the US, so just need to understand what to look for here on the other side of the world :-)

  2. Yay for new discoveries! Thanks for peeking in. I LOVE construction paper crayons.
    They are designed to be used on darker color paper. With normal crayons,
    Sometimes when you have purple paper for instance, you use a yellow crayon and it looks brown. Construction paper crayons eliminates that mix and glides on the paper over the dark. It only comes in a limited amount of colors, but it is the colors you need that will cover. Crayola makes them. Have fun!