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Monday, September 8, 2014

TeePee Landscspe

Nomad, trade, contour, space, depth, horizon line, overlapping, perspective.
Visual Perspective:
When your eyes change the way things seem because of how far or close they are to you.
For examples, standing on the Texas plains looking out onto Native American grounds, the tee-pees that are closest to you would seem to be the biggest, most detailed, lowest on the plane & most visible. On the contrast, The tee-pees farthest away appear smaller, less detailed, higher towards the horizon & hidden by other objects. 
Using these techniques will make things in your drawings seem closer or further away. 
Size: making objects smaller when they are further away & larger when they are closer. 
Detail: objects close should be crisp and detailed, while things further away should be drawn with little or no details. 
Position: things far away from the viewer seem to be getting sucked into
The center where the horizon line sits. 
Overlapping: objects closest are more fully visible than those farther away because of being blocked. 

1 make sure the center of your tee-pee is going straight up by drawing a light pencil guideline. Draw a horizontal line at the bottom of the line for a sittin ing surface. 
2. Make the center of a triangle meet on the straight line. 
3. Draw a aller triangle in center by ground for door opening. 
4. Draw a flap from door pinned back and open. Shade the inside of tee-pee to show shadows within. 
5. Add details; designs around tent should bend with contour of cone rather than straight. Create a space around tee-pee (plateaus, mountAins, covered wagons, ect.)
When drawing is complete, we will use washable markers to make thick outlines around objects. Watered brushes will be used to pull the ink from the outside to the inside.
Picture of technique;

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