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Thursday, September 11, 2014

SunRays and CornRows

Mrs. Savoie's Friday 5th grade class 
(above; Madison B., Haden, Madison N., Alexis B., Muhammad, Ashwin, Jude & Joel)

Mrs. Maddox's Class, 5th grade
Elaina, Hanna, Braden, Morgan, Katie & Christina

Mrs. Kearly's 5th grade class
Rachel J, Sarah, Rachel E and Arushi


Always begin lightly with a pencil...

This will have many parts to erase as students go through. 
Need; eraser, ruler, pencil, step by step barn handout, washable markers, watercolor brushes, permanent black markers, paintable large paper. 

Outline with permanent marker...,

-Doodle designs in everey other ray and row with perm. Black marker. 
-boldly outline every other row & ray) non-doodled sections) with washable marker. Next, use the washable marker watercolor teacnique. 
See here...

One student added a blue outline on left of Subaru and green on right and had a great blend going on! Love it...

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