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Monday, September 15, 2014

Psychedelic succulents

Inspired by the artist Matea Sincovec
I like this lady's style!
Its like a psychedelic cactus.
I love the patterns and colors she puts into her plants.
I want the students to be inspired by her to and appreciate the colors, lines, patterns, textures and time it takes to make such a display of creativity.

go her to see how to draw cactus...

Petere Max
He is another artists whose style fits the idea of the groovy colorful look of the 1960's.
His pop art of  yesteryear is bright, bubbly and abstract.
I use his art as a driving force for the ideas for filling in the cacti with designs. 

Students were instructed to draw a desert cactus scene.
Begin with pencil and draw BIG.
Outline with permanent marker. 
Choose either the background of the cactus to fill up
with colorful repeated lines or shapes. 
Whatever they do not fill up with colorful pattern, they are to use
black, white and grey designs to fill in. 
Images below were created by 5th graders at Krahn Elementary
under the instruction of Tabitha Morgan
Kenut's Drawing

Maisy adding repeating line and color

Jasmine in Maddox's 5th grade

All Images below are reserved by Tabitha Morgan of the LostSock

Begin by Drawing a Land Line or horizon line for your plants.
Draw a variety of cacti with various heights.
Outline with Sharpie.

Mrs. Morgan says,
"draw light til' you know it's right,
then go darker or use marker."
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Use markers to design the inside of the cactus with free colorful patterns, lines, shapes, or doodles.
After this step, I plan on using only grey and black marker to make more designs in the background.

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