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Monday, September 15, 2014

Psychedelic succulents

Inspired by the artist Matea Sincovec
I like this lady's style!
Its like a psychedelic cactus.
I love the patterns and colors she puts into her plants.
I want the students to be inspired by her to and appreciate the colors, lines, patterns, textures and time it takes to make such a display of creativity.
go her to see how to draw cactus...

All Images below are reserved by Tabitha Morgan of the LostSock
Begin by Drawing a Land Line or horizon line for your plants.
Draw a variety of cacti with various heights.
Outline with Sharpie.

Use markers to design the inside of the cactus with free colorful patterns, lines, shapes, or doodles.
After this step, I plan on using only grey and black marker to make more designs in the background.



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