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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tempera Crumbled Batiks

CRUMBLED BATIKS with Black Tempera
This is one of my all time favorite lessons to do withe my students. I do it every year with 6th grade and at the end of the year, I ask them what the best assignment was all year and most say this one. 
After doing it for 10 years, I think I have mastered what works and does not work and have given you all my knowledge on the post… 

Seth K. 7th grade
7th grade
all 6th grade

Breann, 6th grade

Calli M. 6th grade

Morgan G. 6th grade

Angel S., 6th grade

Corbin G. 6th grade

Taylor S, 6th grade

Gracie C, 6th grade
 Clayton, 7th grade
 DeVonte, 6th grade

You will need:

Thick white paint paper (12 by 18 is what we use)
Non-Washable Crayola crayons (bright light colors)
Black Thin Sharpies
Big Bowl or tub of water
Sink access
Black tempera paint
Thick Paint brush
Paint Shirts of aprons
masking tape for rips (if any)


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