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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Watercolor Blog Paintings

This assignment was thought of after studying the concept of a vintage paint by number.
Looking up close at a paint by number feels like you are looking at a camouflage design!  
Seeing small sections at a time, you only see blobs of connected colors...
Then as you see the bigger picture, you see how those "blobs" are connected to a grander design. 
On this assignment, I have the kids pencil draw a design of something in nature. I like to collect old landscape magazines or calendars for this project. 
After the design is drawn out, the students use washable markers to sketchily color in the scene. You color the areas in somewhat messily but still staying in contour with the picture. It is also good to mix in colors in the same family with each other. For example, if the sky is blue... find a variety of blue markers to make sketchy horizontal lines all over sky area. 
 After marker is competed, artist will use a wet brush to water down each section at a time of the paper. The point here is to blend some colors together to create new ones. Be careful, You do not want to overblend where it makes one monotonous color.
Use a black marker to trace around all areas of color that were created. These traced "blobs" should each contain only ONE color. If there is more than one color in one blob, further make blobs in that blob. 

You can click on the below images to see bigger details...

Alexis's Fish

Brooke B's Blossom

Ty's Bird Skittles

Ian's Mountain Scape

Angel's Monument

Ashton's Tree Trunk Sunset

Todd's Sunrise

Hugo's Volcano

Shanna's Empty Fish Bowl

Nick Pearson's yellow flower field

Trent's Cabin by the woods

Hector's Sunset Silhouette
Veronica's Final

Veronica's After the Water
Haley's Rose Water

Hailey's Before the water...

INsert Hailey's after watercolor here.....

 BTW.. you do not have to get intricate with the lines like this. Hailey went a little far with her beautiful lines that it broke her heart to water over them. Your maker strokes can be broad and messy bending with the contour of the area you are filling in.


  1. These are beautiful! I will be trying it with my kiddos this year. Thank you for sharing.

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