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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Rainbow Glass Still life.

I was inspired by something I saw. 
It was overlapping glass bottles of various colors with the light shining through.
The places they overlapped created an array of new colors!
SO, of course, I went out to create a lesson.

I found these images to add to a powerpoint to show the students
since I do not own a wide variety of colored glass to display for them in the room. 

When the students arrive in the room, I have them all get one piece of computer paper, a pencil,  and a scissor. 
They fold the paper in half,  and draw a line from top to bottom starting and ending at the line of symmetry. 
Then they cut along the line and open to reveal a unique form that resembles a bottle. Then they write their names on them.
If they are successful, they can use it as a pattern for the project or allow others students in class to use it as well. We use these symmetrical patterns created by the students to trace onto a 12 by 18 inch paper.
They need at least 5 bottles and that overlap. 
The bottles that are in the back should be slightly higher on the paper to look like they are further on surface.

Then they use watercolor pencils around the forms and may slightly add shading going further inward if desired. 

Next, they use a wet brush to paint each bottle one at a time. It will be more successful if they start with the lighter colors first (yellows first then blues and purples last). 

I was experimenting after photographing, and opened the above image up in Microsoft Paint and inverted colors. I liked the way it turned out, I decided to do a hard copy for example with a different medium.
(See below) 

Here I repeated the first steps, but used construction paper crayons instead of watercolor pencils. 
I also added some white crayon with contour lines to add a light glare. 
I really like both ideas...

Can't wait to try it with the students after Spring Break!
I will post results... 







Emma B. 



Indy R. 



Lily H. 




  1. I really like the idea of the water color pencils. I do a similar artwork with my art 1 students--contour lines of bottles traced in sharpie, then they fill with watercolor. Half never seem to get the watercolor right no matter what I say. I think I will try it out with the pencils next year.

    I am really enjoying your site. I am glad I stumbled on it. I work in Taylor, TX.

  2. Thanks so much for the excellent idea! I found it a while ago but it's taken this long for me to find a way to squeeze it in. We've started a topic called "Potions" so I thought this slotted in quite nicely.

    The kids loved it and were hooked straight away. Thanks again! Here are our results:

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    1. I got better idea! rainbow glass still life. I'll give a try!
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