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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Using Value in Cubism

Picasso's Cubism Cityscape
Cubism was intended as an art movement by George Braque and Pablo Picasso. These 2 artist were great friends that shared all of their art ideas with each other. They worked side by side as a Cubism team. Cubism was intended to take objects and break them down into simpler and flatter shapes. Because of this, the end result sometimes looked like a painting seen through broken glasses. Each little fragment contained value...

Braque's Cubism Seascape
Learning Value

Art students at Mineola Middle school have been learning and practicing value. A good value scale should have a wide range of values (darkest to lightest) that gradually glide from one to the next. There should be no obvious break in the values. This technique is hard to do and requires great patience. The students below have mastered the technique. Each one creatively broke up a plain paper surface into fragments of gradual value using colored pencils.

These artworks below were all done by students in grades 7-8 at Mineola Middle School...

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