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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Kaleidoscope Names

Mrs. Celestine's 4th grade 
Rosa & Jayla
Ale & jay W. 
Isabelle & Carson
4th grade Wednesday Art Classes

4th grade- Mrs. mcMillian
Kara & Cassandra 
Kadin & Andrew 
Wednesday classes...
Mrs. Do's class
Tray & Abby
Friday Art class
Mr. Cramer's class
Preston & Noah "Gage"
Lisa "Joanna" and James
Stephanie in Johnson's 4th grade class
Mrs. Markowitz 4th grade

I was looking for a new idea for my 6th graders to use for their names.I always do a name design for them to tag onto their poster board portfolios at the beginning of the school year. This is called a Kaleidoscope Name Design. It teaches them radial symmetry, balance, and negative and positive spaces. The students take a square paper and fold it into 8 sections (like a pizza). Their names are drawn on one of the slices making sure the tops and bottoms of their letters touch the edges of the slice.
They can work from the middle corner out or the outside edge in... either look very nice. They outline their name with a permanent black marker on front and back of the paper. They use this first original name to trace to the seven remaining slices. 
Students need to understand that every other wedge will be flipped (backwards) because it is a reflection. Then the next wedge will be forward again... So on and so on. This gets a little confusing, so I made this tracing order guide 😉
We used the window as our tracing table. Every other triangle will be a backward name. This is normal and necessary.  After the name is transferred by tracing to all 8 triangles, students begin coloring.
I tell them to plan ahead by "dotting" the spaces with the colors they want to use to create any accidents caused by carelessness. Here Haley is using a purple marker to dot all of her A centers. 
. I let them use colored pencils, crayons, or markers. I made sure they understood that each triangle must be colored the same as the original triangle.

 I encouraged them to try to use brighter bolder colors for the negative spaces to disguised their names better if they wanted that effect. I like people to not see the name at first until they look further. I think they turned out beautifully! It was definitely not as hard as I was expecting. I will be doing these next year as well. Stamp it as a success!
Teacher Example

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This is a very relaxing video that you could show and keep going to inspire them as they work on their name designs... 

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