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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Be nice to them & they'll be nice to you... right?

God has blessed me with 2 girls, Maisy (5) and Madelynn (13 months). Maisy has always been connected to God in an awesome way. I try my hardest as her mother to tell her about His love and guide her in the direction He wants me to. Since she was a little girl, she has said things that are just amazing to me that truly are testaments to her connection to Christ. 

Matthew 11:35 "At that time Jesus said, "I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and learned, and revealed them to little children."
Psalm 8:2 With praises from children and from tiny infants, you have built a fortress.

It makes your enemies silent, and all who turn against you are left speechless.
I drew this picture thinking of My Maisy...
Maisy used to love to swing at the park.
When she got really high, she would look over her shoulder  up high and say,
"Look Jesus, I am going really high!".
She even used to share her lollipop with him in the back seat of the car. 

This picture was inspired by the love of a child in times of pain.
I know God had Maddy with me in hard times to be my soothing melody in rough patches.
She is truly a gift from God and answer to prayer. 
It is so neat how when we are old, we think we know so much. But in reality we are just learning everyday right along side out kids. Most of the time, the lessons we teach them are really there to teach them to ourselves. God uses children to help us grow. It is true that the best way to learn something is to teach it to somebody else. 

The other day we were in the car and Me and Shannon (my husband) were talking about mean people or something along those lines.  Maisy "chatterbox" wanted to put in her two cents...
She told her daddy and me, "Hey, if you are nice to people, they will be nice to you. That is what it says in the Bible!". 
Her daddy and I looked at each other. I said, "No, actually Maisy, the Bible does not say that! You need to know this..." 
Maisy continued to tell us how it was in "her" Bible. She got defensive and stubborn about it and thought we were mad at her. But I felt it was very important to tell her the truth before she believes a lie her whole life. 
I told her, "Maisy, Jesus was nice to everyone and they killed him. He told us that if people are not nice to us, that we should be nice anyways. If somebody hit us in one cheek, He wants us to turn our face and let them hit the other one too. Well, not really, but it means that if they are mean that we should just let them be and not "hit" back. It is hard to do this, but it is what He says and what He did."
Daddy adds, "If somebody is mean to you, you just walk away.". 

GOd gives us kids as a blessing and a responsibility to raise them to know the truth. The world will not always be nice to us, but we have to keep doing what is right anyways. I am still learning that just as much as my own small children. 

It is neat how God made this lesson in the car so relevant to what I was going through that same time. While growing my own children, our Father grows us just the same! I have been dealing with how people react (or lack of reaction) to things I do for them....
I have been trying really hard to be obedient to God lately and listen to who He needs me to do things for. Sometimes the people He needs me to touch are not the type of people that I think would appreciate it, but that is not my place to decide. He knows where he leads me. I do it in obedience knowing that when these acts of kindness are completed, I will not necessarily get the result my earthly heart longs for. But, He is teaching me that what others do in response to my kindness should not be what I care about. It is his praise I want. It is because of Him that I am moved to give in the first place. Without His guidance I would not give as needed. I feel like it is not my heart that reaches out to others, but His love that works within me to give.

Matthew 6:3-4 Giving in Secret,
We should not seek to be rewarded with Earthly praises when we give to the needy. If we are praised by humans, we will not need God's praise. Give to the needy in secret without seeking praise from others, but in confidence that our Heavenly Father will reward us in Heaven.

When I give out of obedience, I rarely get a "thank you" from the receiver. I don't expect it, but it would be nice. God understands...
Luke 17: 11-19 Ten Lepers
Jesus healed 10 people of Leprosy, only 1 came to thank Him. We should not do things and expect "Thanks", but only do them in hopes and with Love. True love gives with nothing expected in return. 

Brian Kershisnik, "Ten Lepers Healed"

I really get encouraged by this song when I feel like giving up, listen if you wish!
Martina McBride, Anyway

Maisy and Madelynn in Matching JamJams

Maisy falling asleep reading her Bible...

Maisy Reading her Bible to Robert the SockDoll

Children are God's Gifts
They are forever His children and He
God entrusts us with them while we are temporarily here on Earth.

Hotel for the Disciples

The Burning Bush
Seeing Maisy's faith art is a big reward for me. It gives me hope in knowing that she is learning what she needs to about what the Bible teaches. I love her art! (4 years old)
Drawing to Music
May God be your music...

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