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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

POP art lesson

This post is dedicated to a lesson I teach at school. It is one of my favorites and this is the first year I have ever done it! I used it as an introduction to our comic strip unit... see below
I really enjoy comics, not necassarily the adventure or stories of them,
but the way an artist can draw a story and use such movement and expression in every frame.
It takes talent! I am a big comic art fan...

I love this piece showing Superheros and the sub-word

We talk about Roy Lichtenstein and his use of primary colors and animation with his sound words...

My Splat

I wanted to do one using our school Mascot, Buzz.

My Husband wanted to try too!

I decided to incorporate the Pop Word lesson into my Cow Parade... see below

Faith, 6th grade 2014

This "Pop" work and all below were done by my 6th graders using red, yellow, blue, and black markers on simple computer paper.
They all finished in 2- 46 minute class sessions.
I was amazed... are you?

Tyler S. 6th grade 2013

Jacob B. 6th grade 2013

Kimberley 6th grade 2013

Omar C. 6th grade 2013

See more on the Mineola Middle School 
Art Webpage...


I also LOVE using Pop art comic style in my own personal art...
see here...
Visit my Personal Blog, the Lost Sock Life


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