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Monday, January 7, 2019

Cupcakes with Picasso

Let's imagine we are entering the world of Pablo Picasso. 
It is full of color, contrast, pattern, rhythm and.. 
Let's imagine Mr. Picasso has invited us over for cupcakes and painting. 
We arrive at his house to see a table set up with a colorful patterned cloth on it. 
The wall behind the table is also just as colorful patterned, but in a contrasting way. 

Here, Mati and Dada teach kids about how important wild color was to Picasso. 
Click here...

Begin the Backgroud.
Fold the white paper in half (hamburger fold). 
Explain the foreground (table) and background (wall). 
Encourage kids to use contrasting patterns and colors to make 2 different areas of the painting. 
We painted our background with tempera cakes.

 You can also use 2 pieces of contrasting colored construction papers to use. 
1 for the wall and 1 for the table. 
Crayons can be used to ad pattern to the paper. 
We used a white paper doily for a fancy setting for our cake to come later. 
I got this idea from Cassie Stephens's donut lesson. 
See here...

Then, get manilla sheet of paper that is 1/4 size of the backpaper. 
Turn it vertical and show students how to draw the cupcake. 
Start with pencil and then outline with permanent black 

These two below were done with crayons and marker only...

This one below was done with crayon detail and tempera cake paint over 
(crayon resist method). 

Cupcakes were then cut out an glued down onto doily. 
Some scrap paper was used to cut up pieces of colored paper for sprinkles. 
Perfect for a February Valentine's Day display. 

My daughter Maddy made this in Pre-K. 
It took me 4 years to get this lesson together. 

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